Title: 몽땅 내사랑 / Mongttang Naesarang / All My Love
Chinese Title : 全部的爱
Previously known as: 부탁해요 / Do Me a Favor
Genre: Sitcom, family
Episodes: 210
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-Nov-08 to 2011-Sep-16
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45



The story of the relationship between two families, based on the traditional Korean Cinderella folktale about Kongji and Patji. The Kongji family is poor but kind, while the Patji family is rich but selfish.


Kim Gab Soo as Director Kim
Park Mi Sun as Park Mi Sun
Jo Kwon as Hwang Ok Yub
Ga In as Hwang Geum Ji
Yoon Doo Joon as Yoon Doo Joon
Jun Tae Soo as Jun Tae Soo
Yoon Seung Ah as Yoon Seung Ah
Yun Woo Jin as Bang Woo Jin
Jin Yi Han as Jun Tae Poong
Han Young (한영) as Han Young
Bang Eun Hee as Bang Eun Hee
Jung Ho Bin as Butler Kim
Kim Na Young as Kim Na Young
Kim Young Ok as Kim Young Ok
Choi Na Kyung (최나경) as Jung Goong Nyun
Lizzy as Park Soon Duk
Park Cho Rong (박초롱) as Cho Rong

Special Appearances

Nine Muses as fan girls (ep 6)
Nichkhun as Ok Yub’s human subsitute (ep 16)
Park Hwi Soon as double eyelid surgery patient (ep 18)
Han Sun Hwa (한선화) as Geum Ji’s friend (ep 27)
Shin Dong Hee as Geum Ji’s blind date (ep 43-44)
Kim Soo Yun as Doo Joon’s classmate (ep 70)
Kim Shin Young (김신영) as maid (ep 77)
Lee Teuk as Seung Ah’s blind date (ep 143)
David Oh (데이비드 오) as English teacher (ep 154)
Bang Si Hyuk (방시혁) as audition judge (ep 160)
Uee as Yoo Jin (ep 182, 210)
Lee Ki Kwang as Doo Joon’s love rival (ep 193)

Production Credits

Producer: Kwon Ik Joon (권익준)
Director: Kang Young Sun (강영선), Hwang Gyo Jin (황교진)
Assistant Director: Lee Ji Hyun (이지현)
Screenwriter: Park Min Jung, Kim Yoon Hee (김윤희), Lee So Jung (이소정), Han Seol Hee, Yang Seo Yoon (양서윤), Jo Sung Hee (조성희)


– Actor Jun Tae Soo withdrew from drama after he was involved in an incident where he assaulted a taxi driver and two police officers while intoxicated. His last appearance was in episode 60. The production team brought in actor Jin Yi Han to fill in his role starting episode 83..
Lizzy‘s character, Park Soon Duk, was originally scripted as a cameo role on episode 64. However, it was later announced that she will be appearing as a recurring character starting episode 78.
– Actress Ga In withdrew from the drama due to scheduling conflicts. Her last appearance was in episode 135. The production team brought in Park Cho Rong to fill in her role starting episode 125.


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