Title: Eommado Yeppeuda / Even Mom is Pretty / Mom is Also Pretty
Also known as: Even Mom is Pretty / Mom is Also Pretty
Genre: Family
Episodes: 100+
Director: Uhm Ki Baek
Screenwriter: Kwon Min Soo
Broadcast network: KBS2 , Monday to Saturday 9:20 AM
Broadcast start: 2010-Apr-05
Even mothers were girls once, and although they’re no longer young, it does not mean they cannot love. This warm family drama tells the story of Lee Soon Jin, a mother who raised her four children without a husband and single-handedly ran a restaurant to support their monetary needs.
Her eldest daughter (Oh Na Ra) is already married. Her eldest son (Jang Tae Sung) is a cop and her youngest daughter (Kim Bin Woo) works at a gallery.


Main Cast
Oh family
Kim Ja Ok as Lee Soon Jin
Kim Bin Woo as Oh Jung Soo
Jang Tae Sung as Oh Jung Chul
Lee Young Suk as Oh Jung Woo
Oh Na Ra as Oh Jung Hee
Kim Kwang Young (???) as Joo Min Hyuk (Jung Hee’s husband)

Hong family
Kim Dong Hyun as Hong Kyu Tak
Park Soon Chun as Myung Sook
Kim Sun Hyuk as Hong Woo Jin
Kim Ye Rang as Je Ni
?? as Hong Gun Ho (Woo Jin & Je Ni’s son)

Other people
Ahn Hong Jin as Choi Moo Young
Kim Hyung Min as Cha Young Joon
Kim So Young as Lee Yoon Joo
Jo Yang Ja as San Chung Daek


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