Title: 웃어요, 엄마 / Useoyo, Eomma / Smile, Mom
Chinese Title : 微笑妈妈
Genre: Family, romance
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Nov-06 to 2011-April-24
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:50



A drama about three women and their families. Jo Bok Hee is dealt with a huge blow when her successful daughter, Shin Dal Rae, is diagnosed with an incurable disease. Kang Shin Young is betrayed when her husband, Shin Muh Roo, continues to meet his first love, Hwang Bo Mi. When he enters the race for congressman, she runs against him.


Shin family

Lee Mi Sook as Jo Bok Hee
Lee Jae Hwang as Shin Muh Roo
Kang Min Kyung as Shin Dal Rae
Jung Ji Ahn as Shin So Ra
Kim Yong Gun as Shin Ki Bong
Kang Ye Seo as (Muh Roo & Shin Young’s daughter)

Kang family

Yoon Jung Hee as Kang Shin Young
Park Won Sook as Park Soon Ja
Yoon Joo Sang as Kang Dong Poong
Suh Dong Won as Kang Do Young
Hwang Bo Ra as Kim Mi So (Do Young’s wife)
Im Ye Jin as Kang Seo Poong

Bae family

Ji Soo Won as Yoon Min Joo
Kim Jin Woo as Bae Yun Woo
Yeo Min Joo as Bae Yun Seo

Other people

Go Eun Mi as Hwang Bo Mi
Park Sung Min as Goo Hyun Se
Suh Joon Young as Lee Kang So
Seo Ji Young (cameo)
Chung Lim (cameo)
Bae Geu Rin (cameo)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Hyun Suk, Yoon Soon Hwan (윤순환)
Producer: Kim Yong Jin (김용진), Ahn Gil Ho (안길호)
Director: Hong Sung Chang
Screenwriter: Kim Soon Ok


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