I Live in Cheongdam Dong


Title: 청담동 살아요 / I Live in Cheongdam Dong
Chinese Title: 住在清潭洞
Genre: Sitcom
Episodes: to be announced
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2011-Dec-05 to 2012
Air time: Monday to Friday 09:00



The events that happen while running a boarding house and a comic book store in a run down 2-story building located in an about-to-be redeveloped luxury street in Cheongdam Dong.

Ji Eun is thrilled to hear that her mother Hye Ja is moving to Cheongdam Dong neighborhood. Hye Ja & Ji Eun lived in the suburbs for thier whole life. Ji-Eun dreams of living a luxurious life, but her reality is quite different. The house they move into is on the 2nd story of a building which looks like it will collapse. The first floor of the building is a comic book shop and the second floor is a lodging house. Their building is located between luxurious buildings in Cheongdam Dong neighborhood.


Kim Hye Ja as Kim Hye Ja
Oh Ji Eun as Oh Ji Eun
Hyun Woo as Hyun Woo
Lee Sang Yeob as Lee Sang Yeob
Lee Bo Hee as Lee Bo Hee
Suh Seung Hyun as Suh Seung Hyun
Woo Hyun as Kim Woo Hyun
Hwang Jung Min as Hwang Jung Min
Jo Kwan Woo as Jo Kwan Woo

Production Credits

Director: Kim Seok Yoon


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