God of War


Title: 무신 / God of War
Chinese Title: 武神
Also known as: Soldier / Military Official
Genre: Period, historical
Episodes: 56
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-11 to 2012-Sep-15
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:40



This drama is a about a man who was born to the slave class during the Goryeo Dynasty, overruling the feudalist government that had been in power for over 60 years and becomes the most powerful man in the country.


Main Cast

Kim Joo Hyuk as Kim Joon
Kim Kyu Ri as Choe Song Yi
Jung Bo Suk as Choe Woo
Park Sang Min as Choi Yang Baek

Supporting Cast

Joo Hyun as Choe Choong Hun
Hong Ah Reum as Son Wol Ah
Baek Do Bin as Choe Hang / Man Jun
Lee Seung Hyo as Emperor Gojong of Goryeo
Kim Seo Ra as Choe Woo’s 1st wife
Kim Yoo Mi as Choe Woo’s 2nd wife
Kim Ha Eun as Choon Shim
Chun Ho Jin as Lee Kyu Bo
Kim Joo Young as General Lee Won Jeong of Cheolju fortress
Lee Dong Shin as General Sartai of Mongol Empire
Choi Duk Moon as General Lee Hee Juk of Cheolju fortress
Choi Soo Rin as General Lee Hee Juk’s wife
Kwon Tae Won as General Park Seo of Kwiju fortress
Yoon Dong Hwan as General Tanku of Mongol Empire
Jin Sun Kyu as Gab E
Kim Yong Woon as Goo Pil
Jo Sang Goo as General Putau of Mongol Empire
Park Hae Soo as Kim Youn Hoo
Kang Shin Il as Soo Beop
Oh Young Soo as SooGi DaeSa
Kim Young Pil as General Park Song Bi
Lee Joo Hyun as Kim Yak Sun
Go Soo Hee as NanJang of Tobang kitchen
Jo Eun Sook as Gan Nan of Tobang kitchen
Yoo Na Young as Yeon Shim
Jung Sung Mo as Choe Hyang
Lee Suk Joon as Lee Jang Yong
Kim Chul Ki as General Kim Kyung Son
Im Jong Yoon as General Choi Choon Myung
Baek Won Kil as Kyun Ga
Seo Kwang as Woo Ga
Jun Noh Min as Moon Dae
Kim Jung Hak as Jin Pyo
Seung Kyu as Kim Hong Chui

Production Credits

Director: Kim Jin Min
Asst. Director: Nam Sung Woo (남성우), Kim Seul Ah (김슬아), Kim Seo Gon (김서곤)
Screenwriter: Lee Hwan Kyung


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